Monday, August 27, 2012


Well today is the day...the kids are back in school, starting fourth grade.  They woke up this morning jumping and yelling with excitement.  And no..that wasn't sarcasm, they really like school.  I am blessed and I know it.

But I'm also a little sad this morning.  I always am on the first day of school.  It means they are getting older and I'm that much closer to losing them.  Not as in, oops misplaced the kids at Walmart again...but as in they think I'm an idiot and an embarrassment and avoid my hugs and kisses.  I know it's coming and I can't stop it.

How did we go from this....

to this!
So as I walked away from their classrooms today, I didn't get a hug or a kiss but I got two wonderful smiles, full of excitement and joy at being back somewhere they love and only just a little bit of me broke.

But they will mend that part of me tonight with stories of the first day, giggles and obnoxious boy things they do (often taught to them by their father) and this mommy's heart will get a little tougher and ready for the inevitible. 

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