Wednesday, August 22, 2012

I'll buy that for a dollar!

I can really be cheap sometimes.  Not cheap as in loose morals cheap, but cheap in that when I go junkin' I want stuff REALLY cheap.  That's why more often than not I come home with very little.  I"m usually looking for pieces of furniture to paint and tend to avoid the small stuff.  But lately, I've found a new appreciation for the small stuff.

Because I make my own chalk paint, I usually only mix up a half a cup at a time to keep it fresh and not too clumpy.  Leftovers just really don't work with homemade chalk paint.  But I just hated throwing away those little bits of paint I had at the bottom of my fancy painting bucket (also known as a plastic measuring cup from Dollar General).  So now when I go out junking, I look for small pieces that I can paint whenever I have some left overs.  It really does make my inner scrooge happy when I can do that.

For example, at a local estate sale where I was rolling my eyes at the ridiculous prices on the furniture, I found two small wooden pieces for a buck each.  I then TRANSFORMED them (yes, I'm still typing that word in all caps....see earlier post).

So the first item was a really worn cutting board.  I threw one coat of leftover paint on it, slapped on a great graphic from The Graphics Fairy and a coat of wax and it became a cute addition to the kitchen.  The second piece was a wooden letter holder with 60's mushrooms on it.  It was hideous in a retro kind of way.  I had some left over old ochre and added some frenchy postal graphics from Graphics Fairy again and it's reborn. 

Embrace your inner cheapskate and don't ignore the $1 table when you're out junkin' because you never know what treasure may be lurking there. 

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  1. Love your blog. Can't wait for the next post.

  2. I also keep small wooden projects available for leftover homemade chalk paint. Great graphics to match those pieces. (Postage on the letter carrier!) Truly TRANSFORMED! (let's all yell it!)

    Distressed Donna Down Home

  3. I've been working on small items too! I wish I could find some mail holders to do that French postage on - yours is too stinkin cute!

  4. Loving your projects! *Waves* from the UK and your newest follower. Your blog looks cool, keep it up!

  5. Great rescues! How did you put the image on the cutting board? I've seen several where the paper is invisible and love the look!
    Thanks for sharing your projects!:)