Tuesday, August 21, 2012


I've started the annoying but somewhat endearing habit of naming the pieces of furniture I'm working on.  I don't necessarily share that information with the owners of these pieces because they might not ever come back again.  Anyway, I was asked to paint this lovely drum table and when she arrived at my home she was TOPLESS.   Yep, brazen hussy.  Actually she had a marble insert for a top and it seemed much safer for all involved for that particular piece not to come into a house with twin 9 year old boys.  They break things.  A lot.

So here she is, minus her hardware ( I always forget to take the initial picture before I start dismantling!)

She had some really rough spots on the top edge and built up goop, but I loved her lines and dainty feet.  She had sort of a french feel to me so I named her Gorgette.  I knew I wanted to use at least two colors and that the primary color should be what I call Louis Blue.  So I started blocking in the colors.

Please don't judge my photography.  I know it sucks but I'm working on it.  Sort of.  Honestly, I just keep hoping that suddenly my photos will just improve but it ain't happening.  Anyway, Pure White did not agree with Gorgette...it just seemed too stark, so I went with Old Ochre instead.  Muuuuccchhh betttteerrr.

I roughed her up a little, gave her a coat of clear wax then dark and then finished up with a final coat of clear.  Her bling (also known as hardware) went back on and she was ready for her close up.  I really think she's transformed and although I never got to see her with her top on.....I hear she's a beauty.

That'll do Gorgette, that'll do.

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  1. Nicely done! I love the color choices! Beautiful!

  2. This turned out gorgeous! Love the shape and style of it to start with but you really worked magic on it with the colors you used.
    I'm your first follower - yay!
    Would love to have you come by and follow back when you have the time